SERVICES Interior Design and Home Renovations

Whether she is redecorating a single room or working with a blank canvas, Renée Gordon believes each successful interior design project starts with careful planning and a full appreciation of her client’s needs. Armed with this vision, Renée presents her clients with concepts, materials and floor plans tailored to the project and their individual tastes.

Beyond colour consultation and fabric coordination, Renée’s interior design services include essential design elements such as layout, scale, lighting and electrical design. Upon request Renée will incorporate her client’s existing furnishings, for an affordable approach to luxury.

From custom interiors for new homes and offices, to kitchen and bathroom renovations that harmoniously blend with her clients’ existing homes, Renée uses her exceptional understanding of color, scale and proportion to create the rooms of her clients’ dreams.

When it comes to home renovations, finding a reliable general contractor is often half with the battle. In her more than 20 years experience in the greater Montreal area, Renée has developed a network of trusted contractors and tradespeople.

For Renée’s clients, another important consideration regarding home renovation projects is often time. In many cases, their busy schedules make personally overseeing their home renovations impossible.

For this reason, renovation interior design is among Renée’s most popular services. Beyond sourcing renovation professionals for her clients, Renée ensures that home renovations are carried out correctly, and to her precise design specifications.

Montreal's premier interior designer Renée Gordon is renowned not only for her exceptional creative vision but also for her mastery of cutting-edge design technology. Renée seamlessly integrates Computer-Aided Design (CAD) into their workflow, taking interior design to a whole new level. CAD drawings allow clients to visualize every detail of their dream space with remarkable clarity. From 3D renderings that bring concepts to life to meticulously crafted floor plans that optimize spatial layouts, Renée Gordon Design CAD expertise ensures that every project is executed with unparalleled precision and efficiency. The ability to blend artistic flair with the power of technology is what sets Renée Gordon Design apart as a true visionary in the Montreal interior design scene.

Renee Gordon Design is at the forefront of modern interior design services, offering a comprehensive range of online consultations and solutions to meet all your design needs. Their online consultations provide a convenient way to access their expertise from the comfort of your own space. Whether you're seeking guidance on color schemes to breathe new life into your home or need assistance in defining the overall mood and style of a room, their color consultations and mood boards are invaluable tools. These mood boards offer visual representations of their design concepts, helping you envision the final look and feel of your space.

Renee Gordon Design furniture layouts are thoughtfully crafted to optimize the functionality and flow of your rooms. With an eye for spatial design and a deep understanding of your unique preferences, Renee Gordon Design creates layouts that harmonize aesthetics with practicality. Additionally, furniture specifications provide a curated selection of pieces that perfectly align with your design vision, taking into account factors such as style, size, and budget. In essence, Renee Gordon Design is your one-stop destination for comprehensive interior design solutions, delivered with convenience and creativity.

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